The Importance of Digital Evidence in Criminal Cases

Published 09/14/2021

Technology has become such an integrated part of modern life that people don't even think about the devices that they use anymore. From built-in navigation systems in vehicles to the incredible computing power of modern phones, people have access to devices that make life simpler and easier to manage.

When you find yourself accused of a criminal offense, those devices might play a role in the charges against you or they could help exonerate you. The police will probably look at your devices if they can or request records from your phone and internet service providers.

What are some of the ways that digital evidence might impact the criminal case against you?

Digital evidence could lead to a motive or make someone look dangerous

Everything from your search history on your personal computer and your phone to your chat records with the other people involved in the incident could become part of the criminal case against you.

Prosecutors might point to seemingly aggressive or angry conversations as evidence of bad blood between you and the other party. They might also point to your search results to show that you have looked something up that has implications in your case.

Digital records can also help you establish your innocence

Perhaps you don't have a person who can serve as an alibi, but you used your phone on the day of the alleged offense, so there are records of your phone being present far from the scene of the crime. Maybe you have pictures, videos or social media posts that helped contradicts the narrative created by the prosecution.

Digital evidence can establish your whereabouts or help prove that you had a positive relationship with someone. Even the metadata on a selfie, which includes GPS and timing information, could help provide you with an alibi.

The right digital evidence could help you challenge the prosecution's version of events and generate a reasonable doubt in the minds of the jurors hearing your case. Finding and properly analyzing digital evidence often requires patience and professional help. Knowing the value of digital evidence can help you plan to eventually defend yourself in court.

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