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Suffering an injury can dramatically alter your way of life. An injury can cause financial, emotional and physical turmoil in your life. The Law Office of Matthew L. LaMountain is here to fight for your legal rights and make sure you get the most money possible for your injury.You need to act fast to secure a lawyer because time is of the essence. Most personal injury claims have a three-year window before the statute of limitation runs and prevents recovery for your injuries.

Don't Let The Insurance Company Dictate Your Case, Get Trusted Legal Advice!

The Law Office of Matthew L. LaMountain handles all types of personal injury cases including Car Accidents, Work Place Accidents, Boating Accidents, Dog Bites, Slip and Falls, and Wrongful Death. We fight back against the insurance companies low ball tactics and get you the money you deserve!

Courtroom Experience Matters!

As an experienced trial attorney, I am able to see your case through all phases of the complicated legal process and represent you at trial if required. I will fight the insurance companies and other responsible parties to ensure that you get everything you are owed. I have over 9 years of in court experience that will be used in defending your rights. I have handled numerous high profile cases that have established significant case law in Rhode Island. I can spot legal issues in your case and effectively argue them them to the judge. Having the ability to effectively challenge the legality the evidence that is to be used against you at trial is an important step in protecting your rights.

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I'm happy to CHOOSE him as my Attorney, I only been talking to him in just 2 days, I already know he will do a good job for me.

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Great place for business! Had to clear my record and got a response right away. As soon as I contacted this office I was able to move very quickly to handle the problems I was having. Not only did I get great service, I was able to get everything done without me having to be present which I strongly appreciated due to covid19. My lawyer got all my paperwork and managed to give them to the appropriate places they needed to go. Again without me having to handle anything. I appreciate this office for the staff they have. I highly recommend this place to anyone trying to do better or need assistance with any problems they have. Thanks again for the help I have received in such a tough time. I appreciate the time I was given and I appreciate the weight that was lifted off my shoulders due to the help I have received. Hope anyone who needs assistance will find it here. God bless

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