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Choosing an attorney is an important step in protecting yourself and your legal rights. There are major stakes at play. A potential criminal conviction including possible jail time. A criminal conviction can ruin your life, job and future. The Law Office of Matthew L. LaMountain offers you a top notch legal defense at an affordable price.

Why choose The Law Office of Matthew L. LaMountain?

Former Rhode Island State Prosecutor

As an experienced trial attorney and former state prosecutor, I have handled thousands of criminal matters over the years and I have conducted dozens of jury trials, from Murder to Domestic Assault. You need a criminal lawyer representing your best interests who is familiar with the Criminal Court system and knows how to get the best possible outcome for you.

Actual Trial Experience

I have handled nearly every criminal matter that you can be charged with. You need to hire an attorney that is not afraid to take your case to trial and who will advise you when a trial is necessary. The decision to plead guilty versus going to trial is a significant decision that the client and lawyer must address. This analysis is difficult and an experienced trial lawyer is skilled at evaluating the state’s evidence and identifying the strength and weaknesses of the state’s evidence. An experienced trial attorney will be able to give you a recommendation based upon having hands on knowledge trying criminal cases.

Expertise in Criminal Law

I have been handling criminal cases since 2011. That is over 10 years of experience that will be defending your rights. I have handled numerous high profile criminal cases that have established significant case law in Rhode Island. I can spot legal issues in your case and effectively argue them them to the judge. Having the ability to effectively challenge the legality the evidence that is to be used against you at trial is an important step in protecting your rights.

Expertise in Digital Evidence

I know where and how to obtain cutting edge digital evidence to assist and prepare your defense. I have specific knowledge on technology related evidence, including cell phones, computers and videos.  I have attended numerous national trainings on various topics of how technology interacts with daily life as it relates to criminal cases.

Affordable and Upfront Pricing

I offer my clients a simple approach to paying for a defense to their legal needs. I use an upfront and affordable pricing system that allows any client to access and afford a top notch criminal defense attorney.

The Law Office of Matthew L. LaMountain handles all criminal matters:


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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Michael and his staff are simply the best. I was trying to settle my mother-in-law's final expenses which included a penalty with the IRS. They quickly and efficiently dealt with it for me. Michael also responded to my initial email on the weekend encouraging me to come in and see him early the next week. Thank you doesn't seem like enough for me to say!

Tom P.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I went to Matt in a major time of crisis for me not really knowing at all how the process works or what was in store. He was clear from the beginning on what all our options were, what the next steps were to take, and how to navigate the process. Dealing with a bit of a language barrier was generally not an issue as everything was explained to us very clearly. He is very knowledgeable about both sides of the law as he previously was a prosecutor; he has excellent connections in the system. We retained Matt for a very doable price, and he got us the absolute best possible outcome in the case - complete dismissal. Overall our situation was rather complex and Matt did fantastic work for us, we could not be more satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend anyone in need of criminal defense to call him first.

Lauren D.