Matthew L. LaMountain

     I was a prosecutor for the State of Rhode Island for over 8 years. Now I handle a variety of legal matters for my clients. I have branched out to include Family Law, Personal Injury, and General Practice Legal Services. I have handled numerous cases in these categories and achieved great results for my clients. I provide my clients with an affordable and personal legal service. My clients are free to call me at anytime and talk about their cases. Additionally, I provide upfront costs to my clients and have no hidden fees for my legal services. I always offer a free consultation to potential clients to discuss their legal matters.

     I am a persuasive criminal litigator with practice-area expertise spanning Criminal Law, DUI Defense, digital evidence, search and seizure law, and technology related crimes. As a former prosecutor I was responsible for one of the first criminal prosecutions in the country to incorporate Google Voice recordings at trial. Set the model that local police departments currently use to obtain and incorporate Google based evidence into its prosecution of crimes. 

     During my time as a prosecutor, I successfully prosecuted capital cases to guilty verdicts after trial including 1st degree murders, burglary, robbery, and child molestation. I have tried cases from Murder to Disorderly Conduct. Having significant trial experience is a major benefit for my clients when dealing with a legal matter and the courts.

     During my previous career as a prosecutor and currently, I have litigated hundreds of legal matters ranging from breach of contract to child custody cases to criminal cases. With regards to criminal matters, I have handle cases involving murders, rape, burglary robbery, felony assaults, domestic assaults, molestations, arsons, sexual assaults, illegal firearms, possession and transfer of child pornography, driving under the influence,  breathalyzer refusals, and  various drug cases including possession of controlled substances, possession with intent to deliver, and possession of one ounce to one kilo.


Why Hire The Law Office of Matthew L. LaMountain?


Prompt and Knowledgeable Legal Service

     I am always available to my clients to answer questions or update them about the status of their legal matter. I continue to stay up to date about emerging areas of the law and currently run a law blog to inform my clients and prospective clients about different areas of the law. I am available on all major social media platforms and I share legal and local information with my followers.

Expertise in Criminal Law

     When deciding what criminal defense attorney to hire, a key factor to consider is how much experience the lawyer has in conducting jury trials. Hiring a former prosecutor with extensive trial experience will assure that you have hired an attorney that understands the unique process of a criminal trial. Including pretrial motions, jury selection, cross examination of prosecution witnesses, deciding what witnesses, if any, to call in your client’s defense, deciding whether your client should testify at his/her trial, arguing the case to the jury and what jury instructions should be given based upon the facts of the case. The ability to fight your case at trial and not just take a plea deal is an important fundamental right of our system and having an experienced trial attorney is the first step in your defense.

Knows the Courts

     I am familiar with the local courts, judges and courtroom personnel. I know what judges are tough or lenient towards certain crimes. This insight benefits the client when discussing the possible resolution to their current matter.

Expertise in Digital Evidence

     Technology is involved in everyone’s daily life whether you know it or not. Cameras are likely recording portions of your daily activities every time you leave the house. They can be seen on your local roadways and traffic lights, the highways and even your neighbor’s front door. Cameras aside, cell phones can track your movement, your search histories and your private information. People today store more personal information on their mobile devices then they do anywhere else. This vast collection of personal data can also be stored remotely through cloud storage. Technology may be the answer to provide you with your best defense.

     The Law Office of Matthew L. LaMountain knows where and how to obtain this evidence to assist and prepare your defense.  I have specific knowledge on technology related evidence, including cell phones, computers and videos. As a prosecutor, I was responsible for one of the first criminal prosecutions in the country to incorporate Google Voice recordings in its prosecution. I have attended numerous national trainings on various topics of how technology interacts with daily life as it relates to criminal cases.


Cybercrime and Digital Evidence

  • National Cybercrime Conference 2018 & 2016 • National District Attorney Association “High Tech Prosecutor” Training 2017
  • National District Attorney Association “Digital Prosecutor” Training 2016
  • United States Department of Justice “ICAC Investigative Techniques” Training 2016
  • United States Secret Service National Computer Forensics Institute “Computer Forensics for Prosecutors” 2015


Rhode Island 

U.S. District Court of Rhode Island


Suffolk University Law School, Boston, MA

Salve Regina University, Newport, RI

Mount Saint Charles Academy, Woonsocket, RI



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Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I went to Matt in a major time of crisis for me not really knowing at all how the process works or what was in store. He was clear from the beginning on what all our options were, what the next steps were to take, and how to navigate the process. Dealing with a bit of a language barrier was generally not an issue as everything was explained to us very clearly. He is very knowledgeable about both sides of the law as he previously was a prosecutor; he has excellent connections in the system. We retained Matt for a very doable price, and he got us the absolute best possible outcome in the case - complete dismissal. Overall our situation was rather complex and Matt did fantastic work for us, we could not be more satisfied with the results. I would highly recommend anyone in need of criminal defense to call him first.

Lauren D.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

I had a pending Rule 35 and was doubtful as to which way the Judge would rule. So I hired Criminal Defense Attorney Matthew L LaMountain since he was a Former Prosecutor and has extensive knowledge and experience in Criminal Law. The Judge ruled in my favor. I am very grateful with the outcome and would highly recommend Matt to anyone needing a Great Criminal Defense Attorney.

Robert R.

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