Early Termination of Probation in Rhode Island

Published 06/19/2020

Have you been on probation for many years, been trouble free and turned your life around?

If so, the Rhode Island Superior Court allows you to petition the Court for Early Termination of your Probation.

Ending your probation early will save you money in probation fees, stress from having the potential for re-incarceration looming over you and make the potential for expungement of your criminal case that much sooner.

Attorney LaMountain Has Trusted Experience From Both Sides of the Courtroom 

Attorney Matthew L. LaMountain has handled numerous Early Termination Petitions before the Court and will help you end your probation early. Attorney LaMountain was previously involved in the program as the prosecutor for the Attorney General’s office reviewing the files. Attorney LaMountain has seasoned experience and insider knowledge of how the process works. He uses this knowledge and experience to assist his clients through the complicated process of ending their probation early.

Overview of Early Termination of Probation Eligibility

Here is a basic run down of the program. You may be eligible if you meet the following requirements:

  1. You have been on probation for at least three (3) years in the community.
  2. During the past three years, you have not been declared by the court to be a violator of your term of probation.
  3. There is no active no-contact order against you as part of the probation.
  4. You have completed all the terms and conditions of your probation, such as counseling requirements, community service orders, paying restitution orders, and paying all fines.
  5. There are no pending probation violation/deferred sentence revocation proceedings filed against you.
  6. You are currently not on parole in Rhode Island or any other jurisdiction.
  7. You are not on probation on multiple cases, serving a suspended sentence, or serving a deferred sentence in any other criminal case in Rhode Island or in any other jurisdiction, with the exception of another Rhode Island criminal case where the term of probation, suspended sentence or deferred sentence was imposed on the same date as the other sentence and the sentences were ordered to run concurrently.
  8. You are not the subject of pending charges in Rhode Island or any other jurisdiction.

If you believe you meet these requirements, please contact me, for a FREE CONSULTATION, to discuss the process.

Overview of Court Process

Here is an overview of what to expect if you are eligible.

I will contact probation to discuss your matter and determine your eligibility. If you are eligible probation will issue you a certificate stating, you meet the requirements listed above. I will then file a motion in the Superior Court to have your matter heard.

A copy of the certificate and motion will be sent to the Attorney General’s Office. They will have the opportunity to review your record, case file and contact any victim(s) in your criminal case. They will also have the opportunity to question you at the Court hearing about your motion and also provide victim impact about your application for early termination of probation.

Finally, the hearing Superior Court Justice/ Magistrate has the final say and ultimate discretion to grant or deny your motion to terminate early probation, even if you meet all the above listed requirements.

Therefore, having an experienced attorney to prepare you for this court hearing is invaluable. I will thoroughly and easily explain the process and inner workings of these proceedings to you. Together, with my experience, we will develop a plan to put your application in the best possible position to be granted.  

Call today for a free consultation and speak with me about your case. I have handled countless Early Termination of Probation cases and look forward with helping you put your past behind you and prepare you for a better future.

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