Rhode Island Drivers Face Harsh DUI Penalties

Published 03/19/2021

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious charge with severe consequences. Drivers might face fines, jail time, substance abuse counseling or the loss of driving privileges for months or years. These penalties can be far-reaching, impacting future job opportunities, housing opportunities and options for advanced education.

Numerous factors influence the types of penalties a Rhode Island driver will face after being arrested and charged with DUI.

First Offense DUI Penalties

The potential penalties for a first offense DUI in Rhode Island are typically tied to blood alcohol content (BAC) level with a greater level leading to stricter penalties.

  • BAC between .08 and .10
  • BAC between .10 and .15
    • Incarceration for up to one year
    • Fines up to $400
    • Loss of license for up to a year
    • Up to 60 hours of community service
  • BAC greater than .15
    • Incarceration for up to one yar
    • $500 fine
    • Loss of license for up to 18 months
    • Up to 60 hours of community service

Second Offense DUI Penalties

If a Rhode Island driver is arrested and charged with a second DUI offense within 5 years of the first, he or she faces more severe penalties.

  • BAC between .08 and .15
    • Mandatory incarceration from 10 days to up to one year
    • $400 fine
    • Loss of license for between one and two years
  • BAC greater than .15
    • Mandatory incarceration from six months to up to one year
    • Minimum fine of $1,000
    • Loss of license for two years

Additionally, penalties will likely include a $500 highway assessment fine as well as DUI school or substance abuse counseling.

Drivers will face up to five years in prison loss of license for up to three years if they are convicted of a third DUI within five years. Other factors which can lead to additional consequences can include:

  • A DUI charge while driving on a license suspended for DUI
  • A DUI charge with a child under the age of 13 in the motor vehicle
  • A DUI charge with a driver under the age of 18

It is crucial that drivers seek the guidance and representation of an experienced defense attorney. A DUI charge carries significant penalties and can impact the driver’s life for years to come. It is wise to take steps necessary to protect yourself as soon as possible.

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