The Colin Foote Act

Published 01/19/2020

Have you received four tickets within the past 18 months? If so, you may lose your license up to 2 years.

     The Colin Foote Act allows a Judge or Magistrate at the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal to take away your license if they determine your continued operation of a motor vehicle would pose a substantial traffic safety hazard.

     If you are convicted of moving violations on 4 separate and distinct occasions within an 18-month period the Colin Foote Act will impact you.

What Penalties Can You Face?

  • Fine up to $1,000
  • 60 hours of Driver’s Retraining
  • 60 Hours of Community Service
  • License Suspension up to 1 Year
  • Your privilege to Drive may be revoked for up to 2 years.


What Happens After Loss of License?

     You may petition the Court for restoration of your privilege to operate a motor vehicle. At that hearing you must satisfy the Court that no grounds exist which would authorize refusal to issue a license and that you have proof of financial responsibility.


What Traffic Offenses Can Count Towards The Colin Foote Act?

  •  31-13-4. Obedience to devices.
  • 31-14-1. Reasonable and prudent speeds.
  • 31-14-2. Prima facie limits.
  • 31-14-3. Conditions requiring reduced speeds.
  • 31-15-5. Overtaking on the right.
  • 31-15-11. Laned roadways.
  • 31-15-12. Interval between vehicles.
  • 31-15-16. Use of emergency break-down lane for travel.
  • 31-17-4. Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection.
  • 31-20-9. Obedience to stop signs.
  • 31-27.1-3. "Aggressive driving" defined.

What Is Aggressive Driving?

Aggressive driving means that an individual engages in conduct which violates two (2) or more of the following sections of law:

  • Obedience to traffic control devices, § 31-13-4;
  • Overtaking on the right, § 31-15-5;
  • Driving within a traffic lane, § 31-15-1;
  • Following too closely – interval between vehicles, § 31-15-12;
  • Yielding right of way, §§ 31-15-12.1, 31-17-1, 31-17-2, 31-17-4, 31-17-6, 31-17-7 and 31-17-8;
  • Entering the roadway, §§ 31-15-14, 31-17-3 and 31-17-5;
  • Use of turn signals, §§ 31-16-5, 31-16-6, 31-16-8 and 31-16-9;
  • Relating to school buses, special stops, stop signs and yield signs, chapter 20 of this title; and
  • Use of emergency break-down lane for travel, § 31-15-16.

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