RI DUI- Ordered to Complete Alcohol Counseling, Now What?

Published 01/03/2020

What to Know About Rhode Island DUI and Refusal Alcohol Treatment Programs

If you were ordered to complete alcohol counseling as part of your sentence then you need to complete a program through an approved provider. You have 6 months from your date of conviction to complete this. You must provide the DMV with both your admission and discharge date, as well as toxicology information.

The DMV has provided guidelines for the  first offender treatment that include the following:

  • A minimum of 10 to 12 sessions, of which at least four (4) must be individual sessions;
  • Toxicology screens (breathalyzer, and/or urinalysis) are required at your initial assessment, twice a month thereafter, and at last contact;
  • The last two toxicology screens must be negative for illicit substances and alcohol.

You can reinstate your license prior to completion of Alcohol Treatment but beware your license will be suspended again if treatment is not completed.

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