Rhode Island Cyber Crimes

Published 06/30/2020

Technology is involved in everyone’s daily life whether you know it or not. Cameras are likely recording portions of your daily activities every time you leave the house. They can be seen on your local roadways and traffic lights, the highways and even your neighbor’s front door. Cameras aside, cell phones can track your movement, your search histories and your private information. People today store more personal information on their mobile devices then they do anywhere else. This vast collection of personal data can also be stored remotely through cloud storage. Technology may be the answer to provide you with your best defense.

Don’t Let The Prosecution Walk All Over You, Get The Expertise You Need To Protect Your Rights

The Rhode Island State Police have a dedicated unit to investigate and prosecute cyber crimes. They have a full service laboratory dedicated to the collection, preservation, and analysis of computers and digital evidence. You need to have someone with just as much experience in your corner.

The Law Office of Matthew L. LaMountain knows where and how to obtain this evidence to assist and prepare your defense.  I have specific knowledge on technology related evidence, including cell phones, computers, and videos. As a prosecutor, I was responsible for one of the first criminal prosecutions in the country to incorporate Google Voice recordings in its prosecution. I have attended numerous national trainings on various topics of how technology interacts with daily life as it relates to criminal cases.

Expertise You Can Rely On!

I have specific trainings to defend Cyber related Crimes.

  • National Cybercrime Conference 2018 & 2016 • National District Attorney Association “High Tech Prosecutor” Training 2017
  • National District Attorney Association “Digital Prosecutor” Training 2016
  • United States Department of Justice “ICAC Investigative Techniques” Training 2016
  • United States Secret Service National Computer Forensics Institute “Computer Forensics for Prosecutors” 2015

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