Is It Worth Getting A Lawyer For A First Offense DUI?

Published 05/19/2020

When you are charged with a DUI, you may ask yourself if it is worth getting an attorney to fight your charges.

The simple answer is YES.

With a DUI conviction, you face possible Jail Time. In Rhode Island, a DUI is punishable by up to One (1) year in prison.  You also face mandatory fines and assessments (Ranging to OVER $2,000) and a lengthy loss of license (up to 18 months). Lastly, if convicted you will have a criminal record.

An arrest does not automatically lead to a conviction.

DUIs are very technical crimes because of the many constitutional and statutory rights that are provided to a defendant.

Matthew L. LaMountain, an experienced Rhode Island DUI Defense Attorney will review the facts of your case and will carefully review the statutory, regulatory and case law in order to find areas where mistakes were made.  For example, if the police failed to read you your Miranda rights or lacked probable cause to stop your motor vehicle or failed to follow the Department of Health Regulatory Procedures.

DUI Prosecution is Very Technical

Although many people think that DUIs are basic charges at first glance, there are numerous statutory and procedural checks that the prosecution must meet in proving their case against you.

The first element the prosecution must prove in a DUI case is Operation. While a basic term at first glance, it can be a complicated, multifaceted approach to proving operation. An example is cases involving a motor vehicle accident with no witnesses besides the defendant.  An experienced Rhode Island DUI defense attorney will know  what circumstantial evidence can be used to defeat the prosecution’s attempt to prove operation.

Even If You Failed The Breathalyzer or Blood Test, You Can Beat a DUI Charge

Failing a Breathalyzer or Blood Test does not mean you must plead Guilty to a DUI.

An experienced Rhode Island DUI Defense Attorney will identify mistakes early in the case to get the case dismissed on legal technicalities.

We have and will continue to Beat DUI charges based upon the technical nature of the crime and will continue to fight for my clients.

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