If I Was Prescribed Medication, Is That a DUI Defense in RI?

Published 10/19/2020

The Simple Answer is NO.

Rhode Island General Laws states that any person charged with DUI is, or has been, legally entitled to use alcohol or a drug shall not constitute a defense against a charge of DUI.

If the medication adversely affected your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, then the fact that it was prescribed is not a defense.

Many prescription medications come with a warning about ingesting the medication and not operating heavy machinery. A motor vehicle qualifies as heavy machinery for purposes of this warning not to drive.

Several prescription medications have side effects that will impair your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

In Rhode Island, there are trained Drug Recognition Experts (DREs). They are trained to determine the severity of the impairment based upon certain behavioral clues. They will use this evidence to build a case against you. 

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