A DUI Can Dim Your Holiday Cheer

Published 12/07/2020

The holidays are a joyous time for celebration, and many times these festivities involve the consumption of alcohol. When drinks and conversation flow, some may focus more on having a good time than how you will safely get home.

The holiday season consistently ranks as one of the most common times to get arrested for a DUI. Living in a state notorious for drunk driving also puts you more at risk towards getting pulled over for DUI suspicion.

Where does Rhode Island rank in most dangerous states for drunk driving?

According to a study by Safe Smart Living, Rhode Island is the third most dangerous state in the nation for drunk driving. Fatalities from drunk driving in comparison to the state’s overall percentage of fatalities from traffic accidents helped determine these rankings. While these statistics encompass information gathered from a whole year, 51% of DUI offenders said they drink more around the holidays than any other part of the year.

Tips for avoiding a DUI this holiday season

Although the statistics indicate the holiday season usually results in more DUIs and negative consequences from these actions, drinking during joyous times does not mean this will also be your fate. There are ways to strategically plan your celebrations that would leave you with fun memories of spending times with your loved ones rather than a night in jail. These tips include:

  • Thinking ahead as to how you will get home: When you add another event to your calendar, you should not only consider what you may wear or bring to the party but also how you will arrive home safely. This could mean coming with a plan to take an Uber or Lyft at the end of the night or getting a ride from a sober designated driver.
  • Drinking responsibly: Celebrating the holidays does not mean you cannot enjoy a few adult beverages, but you can make an active effort to limit yourself to a drink or two. In case you consume more than you originally anticipated, you can designate a sober friend to take your keys away.
  • Know your state’s laws regarding drunk driving: The rules for drunk driving vary from state to state. According to Rhode Island’s state laws, you can be charged for drunk driving if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is above .08 or if an officer testifies your level of intoxication rendered you incapable of safely operating a vehicle. They may also use a combination of the two.

However, if the holidays do find you facing DUI charges, not all hope is lost. You have the opportunity to pursue legal options to help you navigate this difficult chapter of your life and preserve your future.


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